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Girl by the Lake

In Person and Online Therapy for Moms at all stages of life.  

Supporting moms of toddlers to adult children and everything in between.  


Serving moms in Monterey and Throughout California and Florida 

Find a Space to Freely Explore Yourself!

It did not always feel this way.  You used to feel free, full of energy and connected to the people around you. 

You used to have hobbies and were able to do them! 

You used to feel in control and know who you were.  

You used to feel connected with your partner, and were able to talk for hours! 


You can feel like that again!

Find yourself again in a space that is dedicated to supporting moms who are experiencing burnout, overwhelm, loss of self, a life transition and loss of connection with their partners through individual and couples therapy. 


A place to learn and grow outside of the therapy room with weekly skills groups, couples workshops and weekly mental health tips.


Get The Support You Deserve

A therapist that is dedicated to your healing journey.  


Hi, I'm Kristina 

I am dedicated to supporting you in your journey as a mom.  

Let's work on your confidence in yourself and how you are interacting with the world around you so that you can be proud of who you are.​


We work together using treatments that are proven to be effective so you can walk away from treatment feeling energized, calm, confident and connected!​


Along the way we will learn the tools and skills that are needed, to have the balance and connection you have been searching for

Get Started Today!



Schedule a 15-minute Consultation Call!



Time to put in the hard work! Learn the skills it takes to change!



Find Your Balance

Feel Confident 

Feel Restored! 

Get Support Outside of Therapy

Webinars, Workshops, Mental Health Tip of the Week, Blog 

You do not have to do this alone! I am here to help!

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